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Help me Father to know you care
Help me Father to know you are here.

Help me Father to be still
Help me Father to do Thy Will.

Help me Father to know when all goes wrong
As weak as I am, Thou art strong.

Help me Father to live by faith
Help me Father to upon Thee wait.

Help me Father to focus on you
The One person who will see me through.

Help me Father to build my treasure in Heaven
And refrain from storing up earthly things.

Help me Father on your Word stand firm
As I await your Sonís return.

Help me Father to enjoying your saving Grace
Until I see Thee face to face.

Please, help me Father.

Sheryl E. S. Amantine

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Unfortunately we have lost all Guestbook entries from the start of the web site. This is our new Guestbook.

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